"I DON'T LIKE DEATH. DEATH HURTS. YOU NEED TO FEEL IT. . ."-Text from BarbedWire Teaser
'Barbed' (Or 'Nightmare) Squidward was a planned character to appear in Five Nights at Rock Bottom before the game's cancellation.


'Barbed' Squidward's asset.

Appearence Edit

'Barbed' Squidward was described as 'A disgusting barb-wired Squidward' by KentuckyFriedBlaziken. Barbed Squidward has barbed wire tangled up in himself, and is a redish-brown color that possibly indicates rust. He has cyan colored eyes and bares slight resemblance to the Squidward from Five Nights at the Chum Bucket.

In-Game Edit

It is unknown for sure what Barbed Squidward would've done as the game was never finished, however, the planned strategy against him would've been that the player would have to look hard into the darkness and, if they see him, flashing their light at him would cause him to run away. KentuckyFriedBlaziken stated this was inspired by what Freddy would do in the original FNaF game by hiding in the darkness.


'BarbedWire' Teaser

Trivia Edit

  • 'Barbed' Squidward, along with the other planned Barbed animatronics, were inspired by the zombies from the game Undead Rising.
  • 'Barbed' Squidward is the only 'Barbed' animatronic that had a released asset.
  • 'Barbed' Squidward was the only other animatronic besides Hammer Head that was revealed for the game.
  • It is possible that his name was planned to be 'BarbedWire' as that's what his teaser image was named.