Barbwire Squidward Edit

Barbwire Squidward was meant to appear in FNARB

Appearance Edit

Barbwire Squidward is a gray animatronic squid covered in blood. He has metal medium-sized eyes with light blue iris. He is covered barbwire of course. He has a bulbous head but doesn't have a nose.

In-game Edit

Not much is know about it but from what the creator said you must look into the darkness and flash a certain flashlight into their eyes. KentuckyFriedBlaziken stated this was inspired by what Freddy would do in the original FNaF game by hiding in the darkness.

Trivia Edit

  • Barbwire Squidward, were inspired by the zombies from the game Undead Rising.
  • Barbwire Squidward is the only 'Barbwire' animatronic that had a released asset.
  • Barbwire Squidward was the only other animatronic besides Hammer Head that was revealed for the game.

Gallery Edit


Barbwire Squidward head


Barbwire Squidward upperbody

Barbwire hand

Barbwire Squidward hand