Rock bottom

from the show

Original map

The original map layout (Hammer Head would come down each one at random)

Note: The name is not confirmed.

Five Nights in Rock Bottom is the canceled 3rd and final game of the Five Nights at the Krusty Krab series. The game had a few concepts revealed in KentuckyFriedBlaziken's 'Closing the Door' video.

The unfinished concept was as follows;

"After Squidward had killed the player in the secret ending of Five nights at the Chum Bucket, Squidward would have dragged the player down into rock bottom with him." Kentucky also stated that in the end the player would've became 'Robo-Buddies' with Hammerhead. The planned to be set in a power station. A Bonus night had you playing as Hammer Head

The only real confirmed character was Hammerhead, however Kentucky had plans to bring back the other characters as 'barbed' or 'nightmare' versions inspired by the zombie's from Undead Rising. Another idea is that the characters would flicker on a booting menu while you attempted to use it.


A teaser for the game revealing 'Barbed' Squidward. (Image titled 'BarbedWire Teaser, may have been his planned name)

The planned way of warding off the 'Barbed' characters would be the player having to look closely into the darkness and flash their light at them, causing them to run away. The only revealed 'Barbed' character was 'Barbed/Nightmare' Squidward.

Hammerhead was also stated to be planned to be a re-built version of the Squidward that killed the player in the secret ending of Five nights at the Chum Bucket.

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Asset of area in the building

Various other ways of gameplay were stated as;

-Turning off all the power to avoid some animatronics seeing you, came with the cost of getting tired faster.

-Having to take adrenaline boosts during the night, as some animatronics wouldn't attack you unless you were fatigue.

Original office

The original office attempt (Background Textures unfinished)