Welcome to the Rules section. Try to follow these simple rules to avoid banning and such.

1) Don't make a page, comment, or blog with no information or spam in it. First offence will result in a 3 day ban, second a 6 day ban and so on.

2) Do make random categories or add sections to categories it should not be in. First offence is a warning, second is a 1 day ban, 3rd is a 5 day ban and so on.

3) Do not ask for admin rights or bureaucrat rights if you have done nothing. No. You will not get rights for doing absolutely nothing. If you fit the standards you may recieve them. Spamming for Admin, Rollback, or Bureaucrat will result in a 1 week ban.

4) Please, keep profanity to a minimum. First offence of excessive use of profanity will result in a warning, then a 1 day ban for other offences.

5) Do not edit a page and blank it or change it completely. All offences will result in a one week ban.

6) Do not troll. No trolls allowed. Offenders will be administered a warning then a 3 day ban.

7) Do not feed the trolls. Offenders will be administered a warning then a 2 day ban.

8) Do not edit other people's profiles unless they ask you too, it has to be on the wiki, or it is overall resourceful. If your edit does not fit these standards in the eye of an admin and the user you edited, you will get a 3 day ban.

9) Like profanity, make NSFW comments and blogs to a minimum. Excessive use results in a 2 day ban, then a 1 week ban. Any NSFW pages will result in a instant 1 week ban.