Night 1 is the first night of Five Nights at the Chum Bucket. This night is to help the player get used to the layout, as the phone call is long so no one attacks until its over. Spongebob and Patrick are the only ones active this night.

Phone Call Edit

*Static sound effect* Hello? Hello? Oh my God! I've been trying to contact you for days...where are you? I-I saw the flames across town, the resturant...the-they burned it down...the animatronics! *Static sound* - The Manager

*Phone rings* Hmph, well that's enough of that then, why hello there. You must be the old security guard, heh. I've been told so much about you from my...superior. Allow me to...introduce myself for, all intensive purposes I am the second of command here at the Chum Bucket, and my boss has put me in charge of you. You and your buddy on the phone there has caused us quite a lot of trouble by escaping that fire. We can't let anyone find out what happened at the old resturant...that's where you come in. No doubt your friend out there is gonna come and find you, so we're keeping you alive until that happens. Essentially, you're going to be acting as bait. Don't get any hopes up from that though, you're still on our hit list. Though, unlike my superior, I prefer a much more indirect method of...killing my prey...*chuckle*. Let me explain, you're not alone in this resturant , inside is a group of animatronics, just like your old job. This time though, their sole to kill you. From the hours of 12 until 6 in the morning, those doors on the side of your office, are going to be open. and you'll be a very easy target, however, as I am a good sport, I've given you access to the resturant's surveillance system through the monitor on your desk. Using it, you'll be able to track their movements, and if they get too close, you can close one of the doors on either side of the room. Simple enough right? We don't even have power restrictions here, nothing to worry about...there'es a cache though. The doors...have a malfunctioning heat sync. And thus, will overheat and short out if kept closed for too long. On top of this, the generator will only supply two pieces of equipment of power at any one time, and that includes both doors, the camera, and the flashlight on your desk. So be sure to use them strategically. That's all for tonight though, there's more to tell, but, it's not quite relevant yet. I'll let so know when the time comes. Anyway, good're really gonna need it, *chuckle*. - Shady Business Official.