Night 3 is the third night in Five Nights at the Chum Bucket. This night, Sandy and Mr. Krabs become more active. This night may be difficult to some, though, after mastering the mechanics, it should be no problem.

Phone Call Edit

Static Noises* Hello? Hello, Hello! Oh, you're still alright. Okay, I know you can't respond to me, but, I just need you to hold out just a few more nights, okay? I'm trying to pinpoint your location. I need about one or two more days. Don't worry, we'll get you out of there safely. *Phone put down* - The Manager.

Phone Rings* I wonder how on Earth did that happen? You wouldn't be betraying your new chums at the Chum Bucket would you? Well, anyway what I said last night about the window. Yeah, make sure you keep an eye on that hallway, you can use your flashlight. If you manage it to shine it in an animatronic's eyes, it'll probably stay there. One drawback is, well, it's bolted to the table, so it'll only work if something is standing right in the center of that hallway. Oh, and, one last thing, my boss gave me a memo for you, it reads: Krabs, is a backstabbing traitor. That's all for now. Good Night "friend." - Shady Business Official.