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Night 6 is the secret sixth playable night of the game Five Nights at the Krusty Krab. This night is the hardest night in-game, because the animatronics are next to impossible to detour and avoid.

Phone CallEdit

[Loud Beep] Uh, recording safety message 24, take 3 action. Uh, If you're hearing this then you're in grave danger.

This restaurant has likely been abandoned under the Krusty Krab Operating Handbook, Section 19 Paragraph 87. The establishment has likely been overrun by a threat that is attempting to breach the safe and obtain the Secret Formula. Most likely under Plankton's direction. Uh, at the next possible occasion, leave the restaurant and never return. This is for your own safety. I repeat, get out of there as soon as possible.

If, by some horrible luck you're locked in there at night... May Neptune have mercy on your soul, ha. Alright...


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