Sandy Cheeks is an animatronic antagonist in the game Five Nights at the Krusty Krab.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sandy Cheeks is a animatronic squirrel that wanders in the Krusty Krab. Sandy resembles the cartoon character, aside from the fact that she doesn't have her glass helmet, and the fact that she does not have the acorn logo on her suit.


Sandy Cheeks starts in the Supply Cabinet looking away from the camera. She will look at the camera when she's about to move. Once she reaches the office door she usually stays there for the rest of the night, making it increasingly harder to survive your shift. In order to thwart her progress, activate the fuse room door to keep her away.

Sandy starts in the Supply Cabinet. Then she can wander to the Fuse Room, the Right Stairs, or the right door of The Office.

Sandy Cheeks returns as an animatronic killing machine in Five Nights at the Chum Bucket


Sandy Cheeks' appearance in the second game has drastically changed; her head has no covering and is just endoskeleton, and she has glowing red eyes. Her body is tattered and ripped, and she doesn't have her underwater suit anymore. She appears to share the same model as Karen as well as the same killing animation.


Sandy is the only animatronic who not only tries to come after you, but will go to the Generator Room and mess with it. When she does this, your office lights will flicker. Press the Overdrive button to stop her, or she will kill you shortly after.

Sandy starts in Camera 16, then will either go for you via Camera 18, or go to the Generator room to mess with the machines.