The Kitchen is a location in Five Nights at the Krusty Krab.


The Kitchen is quite basically a Kitchen. There is some orders on the wall and some napkins on the floor but overall, there is nothing much. When Mr. Krabs enters the Kitchen, it becomes very, very, dark. The only visible things in the Kitchen are some napkins, a tiny bit of the floor, some sort of upside-down white "L", and a hint of light near the top-right of the room.

This is the starting location for Spongebob. Mr. Krabs will go through the kitchen as well, where he will be standing near the napkins.


The Kitchen with spongebob

The Kitchen with Spongebob.

The Kitchen with mr krabs here

The Kitchen with Mr. Krabs.

The Kitchen with spongebob about to move

The Kitchen with Spongebob about to move.

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