Hello? Hello, hello? Oh, hello there! Welcome to your new job here at the brand new Krusty Krab restaurant.
— Krusty Krab Entertainment, Phone Guy, Night 1

The Krusty Krab is the name of the fictional location in which Five Nights at the Krusty Krab are set (technically, the two games are in different locations, but they share the same name).


Mr. Krabs had decided to open up a brand new Krusty Krab in the city. He builds animatronic versions of the older employee's (since it was cheaper then paying their salaries), and hires two humans to keep charge of the restaurant, the player, and the Phone Guy. When it turns night, the player begins their night shift and these animatronics go on a hunting spree for blood. Your blood.


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After the Krusty Krab was burned down, the only living survivor, the player, was taken captive by a Business Official who wants to cover up the incident by leaving no witnesses of the event.

When the player awakens, they are to find themselves trapped, and located inside the security room in the Chum Bucket. Within the first and second night, the business official who talks to the player discovers that there is another survivor that is trying to save the player. The business official decides to allow the other survivor to come and find the player, in order to kill them both. The player once again has to survive 6 nights against the animatronic onslaught as they wait for their savior, the man behind the door.


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