The Superior (possibly known as Shelldon Plankton) is the head of The Chum Bucket, and is the overall mastermind behind The Chum Bucket in Five Nights at the Chum Bucket. It is possible that they are Plankton, since they are the owner of the Chum Bucket; however nothing has been confirmed. The Superior serves as the unseen playable main antagonist in Five Nights at the Chum Bucket.


The Superior does not have a physical appearance in-game, but they are referenced by the Business Official on nights 1 and 3. On Night 1, the Business Official states that The Superior left a memo for the Official to give to the player. The memo says, "Krabs is a back-stabbing traitor.". The Business Official then finishes the phone call, and allows the player to start the night.


The Business Official states in Night 1 that, unlike The Superior, he kills his prey "indirectly". This implies that The Superior likely is straightforward if they wants to kill someone. He and the Business Official have built the Animatronics specifically to kill the player.

Trivia Edit

- The Superior is the playable character but does not considers as the main protagonist of the game.

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