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  • SyphenTV

    SCP-CIM Wiki

    July 18, 2015 by SyphenTV

    One message to the SCP - Containment Is Magic wikia:

    Fuck you.

    The only reason why I can't adopt this wikia. But I really shouldn't blame them, I should blame wikia. They have the most retarded requirement, of you can't be banned from any other wiki. Bull. Shit.

    I guess I can't get ownership of this wiki.

    Do whatever you want.

    I'm done.

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  • SyphenTV

    Blog Thingy 3

    June 23, 2015 by SyphenTV

    Huh. Never thought I would use this blog function. I doubt anyone reads blogs. I guess I just use them for notes.

    Anyway, I guess I got significant progress. Got the Character Infobox on every page that needed it, and spruced things up. Man, the background is still killing me.

    I think I'll fix up on some grammar, and organization issues next. Hell knows we need two sections for "Behavior" and "Locations" when I can just merge them into a "In-game" section.

    Why am I writing this again?

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  • SyphenTV

    The Pages, Man.

    June 21, 2015 by SyphenTV

    I can't say how good it feels to actualy get some work done here. It's great, I finally got the Infoboxes, and Tabber working.

    I don't see why those weren't utilized when this was made. Probably due to the founders and such not knowing.

    A ton of stuff I still need to mess around with though. Too much to do, and so little time....

    I wish I had the power to edit the header up top, and to fix shit like the front page....

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  • SyphenTV

    God Damn. I've seen this wikia, and it's in shitty shape.

    I mean, I've seen some bad wikias in my time, but this one is BAD. Or at least, in a bad stage.

    The background could use a ton of sprucing up. I have one in mind, which I could make if I had some sort of permission to change it.

    The pages look like they were written by eight year old's with no sense of writing (no offense to some of you who are good writers.)

    The Admins and Founder(s) don't know how to use that nice sexy PROTECTION button at the top of every page, so anyone can vandalize ANYTHING (specifically the rules and the front page). This makes me want to ask for admin. I guess I would only use the admin-ship temporarily, I guess. Probably just to protect, categorize, and fix the s…

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